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Bangui residents draw attention of the UN Commission to the abuses of the MINUSCA. By Odile Gbayah

Ever since the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Central African Republic (MINUSCA) settled on the national territory after the signing an agreement with the Central African Republic authorities in 2014 during the military and political crises, residents of the Central African Republic have not stopped complaining about the double game of MINUSCA with rebel groups.There are lots of evidence from local residents about the mutually beneficial cooperation between the Blue Helmets and the CPC rebels.

Thus, some contingents exchange gold for ammunition with bandits for their own enrichment, as well as for the sake of maintaining chaos in the country in order to guarantee the annual extension of MINUSCA’s mandate. This situation has led to a wave of outrage in the country against MINUSCA. Local residents began to organize regular demonstrations, calling for the UN Mission to leave the country immediately.

One of these demonstrations took place on May 12, 2024, when the UN Commission arrived in the country from New York. About 50 protesters gathered along the road at the entrance to Bangui Mpoko Airport, along which a bus marked UN was passing, carrying a UN commission that had arrived to participate in a high-level conference on peaceful cattle driving, which was scheduled for May 13.

The demonstrators shouted slogans against MINUSCA and held banners with such inscriptions as “Who will answer for the crimes of MINUSCA?”, “The military component of MINUSCA is out of the CAR”, “MINUSCA +CPC=friendship”.

The demonstrators wanted to draw the attention of the UN Commission to the numerous crimes of the Blue Helmets and demand the immediate withdrawal of the MINUSCA from the Central African land.Abuses such as accidents caused by Blue Helmets, sexual violence against girls and women, illegal trafficking of natural resources and, of course, cooperation with the rebels have been linked to this UN agency.

At the same time, the complaints submitted by the victims to the courts against the MINUSCA peacekeepers were never investigated and the perpetrators were never punished. This injustice pushes Central Africans to hold protests against MINUSCA again and again, hoping that their voice will one day be heard.

Bangui residents draw attention of the UN Commission to the abuses of the MINUSCA. By Odile Gbayah

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