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Don Toliver keeps the fire burning like never before we are glad to unveil this tune tagged Italy

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She like Italy (Italy)
Shrimp and Alfredo, I’m stacking up my cheese (My cheese)
Pistol in my bag, know that shit be double Gs (G)
Diamonds in my chain on the flame, the freeze (The freeze)
Come through iced out right now
It’s off sale, you can have it
Rockstar I’ll lose my mind like Lenny Kravitz
I had dreams of big mansion, thugged out like a bandit
Who would of thought you’d double cross, I can’t understand it

I be thinking about you
And all the things I love, you do too
I gotta confess, I need to tell the truth
It’s hot as hell in the trap, I don’t want to move
Ooh, you put that boy in a mood
Ooh, you know that boy on the move
Ooh, I hit the block with a broom
Ooh, hop in the Jeep and I zoom
Ooh, smoking the jet fuеl
Ooh, making your best move
Yeah, chеss move
Ooh, like a pawn to a king, she brought her diamond ring
When I hear lil’ shawty sing, she come fondle me
She like designer jeans straight from Italy
She like the finer things, she remind me of [?]


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