Don Toliver – Old Don

Don Toliver – Ready To Go

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Don Toliver keeps the fire burning like never before we are glad to unveil this tune tagged Old Don

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Tay Keith, what the fuck up nigga

Would I be ashamed to call her
It took you some time to boss up
I’m locked in nigga so what
I know it gets hard to smile in the mirror
I know you talk to god and he hear ya
I keep me a MP5, cold killer
I’m tapping into old Don, ex-drug dealer

I keep a bad bunny on my side, she vanilla
Crawl through the streets in a black caterpillar
Niggas talk street shit but I can’t feel ya
Raised around wolves, I was the last of the gorillas
Ask me one more time, do you need my blessing
But I ain’t got the time to try and teach you lessons
She fell hard for a dope nigga
I bend her over like a dopе dealer
It’s all red, call it so thrillеr
I’m just tryna get some money with ya


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