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Enchancier Magazine
Enchancier Magazine

In-Between Talent and Consistency:

Whenever you as talented person gets discovered by a group of people or a community,either in reality or online,you tend to get high laurels and praises immediately after your contents sends one,two or maybe four heart touching & head reasoning messages without being too plain with the piece.

You will only be at the top of your game only when you are consistent.You don’t have to be the type that goes all out to show your work every single day,no,it definitely doesn’t work that way.As long as you can retain your shape in the world that you want to make an Impact on,preferable examples would be a digital art designer,visual artist or an artiste that raps .

But what’s sweet about all these when there is no guidance and support in-between you having talent and being consistent.Alot of super talented individuals have gone down the drain with their talents because they were not guided well(or at all) and the support was too low to fuel his dreams.Praises & good reviews coming from 1000 people is nothing compared to a support & prayers coming from 100 people,that is why listening to the right words,we mean advise can make you go farther than your limit.

Always seek out the right guidance and use the support you are getting to push yourself and craft further,no matter how little it is.

For every day that passes by,we all have that very outstanding look that we put out there with our dressing,the style we try to show off while getting accolades from deep fashion lovers or just mere admirers.

If Music,art and fashion had their own league,we are 101% sure fashion would top the league.

Every style,every colour & every texture,not even the meanest set of umpires would want to caution the lifestyle of a fashion Icon

But sometimes,fashion goes out of hand and it’s something that needs to be corrected,even the best of the best in fashion go haywire sometimes,we at Enchancier take our fashion very serious,like the way Kanye takes his fashion empire “Yeezy” way too serious,okay wait we are not that fashion but you get our point.

Apart from the foreign type of fashion everyone is rushing,you should also check out what we Africans are doing with the home made local ones,topping the list of them all is the Ankara material,then Kampala coming from the Eastern part of Africa..Fashion is an all round lifestyle that’s need consistency


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