Godwin Ejah: Biography, Movies And Net Worth Of An Ace Movie Producer.

Godwin Ejah Aka James Ejah is an award-winning Nollywood cinematography, Actor, film-maker, movie producer and director. He is the first son of the Peter’s Ejah . Also, Godwin is the CEO/founder of  Naijapopup Television (NaijapopupTV),.

James Ejah Biography

Real Name Godwin Ejah
Date Of Birth October, 18th 1995
Place Of Birth Benue State
Nationality Nigerian
other Name James Ejah
Profession Producer & Director
Film Company Naijapopup Tv
Associated Artors & Actress zubby michael, Easter Audu, john Okafor(e.t.c)
Net Worth Unknown

Godwin Ejah Background

Godwin Ejah was born on the 18th of October 1995 in Benue state Nigeria to Peter Ejah’s Family,. He had his early education and growing up in Lagos State, although, he hails from Okpachenye, Benue State, Nigeria.

Godwin Ejah Career

James Ejah used to be a Music Producer and acted part-time before he eventually delved fully into the movie industry. He didn’t come to the limelight in the industry until 2018, after he quit his Music Production job, and became a professional filmmaker. He established his production company – Naijapopup Tv same year.

Godwin Ejah’s won the imaginary cinematography Award at the second edition of 2021 Eko Heritage Award. After the release of Am Not Max, Godwin Ejah was recognized as the producer of the second highest-grossing Nigerian film of all time.


NaijapopupTV is a film production company that was incorporated in July 2018. The company specializes in film production, editing, film equipment rentals, and film consulting. In addition, they strongly believe in making movies that the public love without compromising their standard.

The company is a fully integrated film production company with two arms which are the film content development unit, and the post-production and equipment rental unit.

The film content development unit handles film productions, TV productions, documentary filmmaking, TV Commercials, etc. Thus far, this arm of the company has produced seven successful movies: Am not max, a part me etc… 

Net Worth Of Godwin James Ejah

According to austinemedia.com, Godwin Ejah has been ndisclosed.

Life Lesson Of Godwin Ejah

  • You can always change the course of your life. Nothing is really a hindrance, except you let it.
  • Being talented isn’t enough. You need to hone your talent and be skilful.

Other Movies shot by Godwin Ejah

  • Am Not Max
  • Fit farm
  • Ojike
  • Utaka
  • Missing Rib
  • Silent Prejudice
  • Inside life
  • Turning Tables
  • Host story
  • The fact
  • Depression
  • Vecation

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