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I forgave him all – Raffaella Fico opens up on Balotelli’s cheating spree

Italian model, Raffaella Fico has candidly discussed her tumultuous relationship with football star Mario Balotelli, revealing instances of infidelity that rocked their bond.

Despite enduring public betrayals, Fico confessed to forgiving Balotelli, citing an overpowering love that overshadowed his transgressions.

Speaking with RAI Play, as reported by MARCA, Fico labelled Balotelli as “the great love” of her life, acknowledging the pain caused by his repeated indiscretions.

Reflecting on their initial encounter at a disco, arranged through Balotelli’s sister whom Fico had met on ‘Celebrity Island,’ she recounted the blossoming romance that eventually led to heartache.

Despite the scars left by betrayal, Fico’s sentiments echo a resilient spirit of forgiveness intertwined with the complexities of love and loyalty.

Fico said, “He cheated on me on more than one occasion, they were public betrayals, they could not even be hidden.

“I forgave him because I was very much in love. Balotelli was the great love of my life.”

She added, “I met Balotelli at the disco. I went there with his sister, whom I had met on ‘Celebrity Island’. His sister gave him my number, then we started talking, we went out together and at the end of the evening he pulled a bouquet of roses from the hood of the car.”

I forgave him all – Raffaella Fico opens up on Balotelli’s cheating spree

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