Instagram influencer, Big Baby, expresses a preference for dating plus-sized women, stating, “If I was a man, I would date a plus-sized woman”

Instagram influencer, Big Baby, shares her perspective on dating preferences, asserting that men are missing out by not considering plus-sized women as partners, expressing, “If I was a man, I would date a plus-sized woman.”

She articulates her views during an episode of the rated_18 podcast, alongside co-host, Kinkchic, who concurs with her sentiment.

Big Baby emphasizes that, if she were a man, her ideal girlfriend would possess ample proportions in both the chest and buttocks areas.

According to her, the physical presence of a plus-sized woman provides a sense of comfort and softness, which contributes to an enhanced experience for the man involved.

In contrast, she suggests that slim women may not offer the same level of comfort due to their lack of softness.

Reactions to her video

@Im_GoingNorth commented: “Taking self-deception to a whole new level.”

@AGINAS questioned: “What exactly defines plus size? Madam, you are overweight, stop rebranding fat as ‘plus size’ and focus on self-improvement.”

@Gbemmy_Okito expressed: “Plus-sized women may not be considered for long-term relationships; they often end up as side chicks. However, she believes she deserves more despite being the side chick. Laughable.”

@Gold_diigger remarked: “Two ignorant individuals, insulting slim girls while disregarding the multitude of negative remarks that could be made about her own appearance.”

@Ikemefuna01 quipped: “You both seem lethargic in bed. Nahhhhh.”

@dees_laundry questioned: “I have no issue with your sizes, but can you climb a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath? I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a curvy woman, but obesity is a different matter entirely. You both just obtained a small microphone and camera to spew nonsense.”

Watch the video here:


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