Ken Car$on – Glock 19

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Ken Car$on keeps the fire burning like never before we are glad to unveil this tune tagged Glock 19

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Yeah, ayy, I was the one on the block with my pole, ayy
I had a Glock 19 before I was nineteen years old, ayy
I was only eleven when I saw my daddy scrape the bowl, ayy
Now he facing a ten, free my pops, free my folks, ayy
Free Rio gang, free Jung Jung, free Antonio, ayy
Real 2900, Southside done, free Mano, ayy
If I said they name in this song, know they ain’t goin’, they on go, ayy
And you know I got it on me, ain’t no question, I’m gon’ blow, ayy

I’m gon’ blow, ayy, uh
Make it blow, turn you into a ghost, ayy, uh
Made her blow dick ’til she couldn’t no more, ayy
Thought she was your girlfriend but really she a ho, ayy
You can get her back, I’m done with her, don’t want her no more, ayy
I’ma just sit back, I’ma roll up, I’ma pour a four, ayy
He thought he was a boss and he came around me, sent that boy to the show, ayy
Know he takin’ a loss, bring his bitch around me, know I’m takin’ his ho, ayy, yeah


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