Mum Receives Note From Neighbour Telling Her To Shut Her Blinds Because They Can See Her In The Nude From Their House

The woman said she was livid as she found the written message wrapped in plastic and pinned to her windscreen.
Alexandria Taylor

A mum-of-two has shared the note she received from a neighbour asking her to shut her blinds because she can see her moving about naked in her home.

Alexandria Taylor, 26, said she was “livid” as she found the written message wrapped in plastic and pinned to her windscreen.

The note read: “It would be much appreciated if you could at least shut your blinds when walking NAKED around your house.

“My kids do not and would not like  to see your a** out on show. Much appreciated, your neighbours.”


However, the mum-of-two claimed someone was peeping into her living room as she was in her nightwear, turning the lights off ready for bed.

Alexandria, who lives in Chelmsford, Essex, England, said she was initially annoyed by the neighbour’s note.

She later posted a picture of the note on Facebook, asking “am I in the wrong here?”

One person told her: “It’s YOUR house not theirs. I would reiterate that this is your private home not their peeping area.

“If they have a problem with what you do in your own home then they can close their eyes and not violate your right to privacy.”

Another person left a comment suggesting she tells the neighbour and her kids to stop peeping.

The Facebook user wrote: “Send a note back saying ‘Thank you for the note, seeing as we’re suggesting things may I suggest you and your nosy daughter too stop looking.”


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