My goal is to be not just the best rapper from Nigeria but the best rapper in Africa – Vdrivn

My goal is to be not just the best rapper from Nigeria but the best rapper in Africa – Vdrivn
My goal is to be not just the best rapper from Nigeria but the best rapper in Africa – Vdrivn

in an exclusive blog interview with  multi-talented fast arising act VDRIVN which he discussed about his journey and Archivements so far and challengings of being an independent and upcoming artiste and more…

Get the exclusive interview below!

VALVABOX: Tell us about yourself, who is VDRIVN?

VDRIVN: VDRIVN is a nigerian born but London based artiste who is one of the most versatile rappers to grace the music scene. He also holds an LLB law degree and a masters in law too

VALVABOX: How long have you been doing music professionally?

VDRIVN: I’ve been making music professionally since last year January, so for a year and five months now

VALVABOX: Do you think/feel you’ve got a place in the Nigerian/London music industry? 

VDRIVN: yeah I very much feel I’ve got a place in the Nigerian/London music industry. I feel the type of music I make allows me to resonate well with the audience in these locations (Nigeria and London)and so I feel I easily fit it. Now it’s just a matter of putting the work in to solidify my place in the music scene/industry


VALVABOX: Tells about your type of music?

VDRIVN: The genre of music I make is hip hop and rap. I pride myself on my lyrical ability so it tends to be what I concentrate on with my music However I feel there my music also incorporates other genres on features such as r&b for example, however my Im yet to introduce my fans to that aspect of my music, but they have that to look forward to

VALVABOX: Do you face any chances when your parent find out you are doing music?

VDRIVN: fortunately not any major challenges because my mum is quite supportive of my music. My dad however has his reservations based on the fact that he doesn’t feel it’s a priority like my education is. But repeatedly I’ve been able to demonstrate that I’m capable of excelling in not just my music but my education too so he’s slowly coming on board. Having either of them on stage with me in the future is one of my goals lol

VALVABOX: Why Music for you?

The reason is because it’s what I’m most passionate about. I feel it’s my talent/gift because it’s what I do best with the least amount of effort. Being my gift it has also b come an avenue to create a legacy for myself, because I can reach millions of people with it and so even if I was to pass away today, as long as my music is being played by any anyone anywhere in the world, I’ll live through it


VALVABOX: What else would you have done outside music?

VDRIVN: If you mean in terms if not a musician I would have been a lawyer. Law happens to be something else I’m passionate about music so most likely that, but you know, I might as well be both a lawyer and a musician, because why not lol

VALVABOX: The Nigerian music space is very clouded at the moment, seems everyone is trying to get a spot, what makes you different?

VDRIVN: I feel one thing that makes me stand out in the nigerian music space is my versatility. I’m one of, if not the most versatile rapper from Lagos. My music diversifies rap into other genres of music and that ability to fluently incorporate rap into other music genres is something I feel I do better than any artiste and it makes me different

VALVABOX: What/who inspires you?

VDRIVN: One of my biggest inspirations is NAS who is my favourite rapper. I’m also inspired by other rappers like 50 cent, Biggie and J Cole


VALVABOX: What are the plans for your music 2021?

VDRIVN: For 2021 I plan on releasing a three track EP in a month or two titled “Cause & Effect” so that’s currently in the final stages of production

I also plan on collaborating with as many artistes as possible in 2021 cus I feel that’s one key way I can grow with my music so that’s something I’m working on

VALVABOX: Your currently released single “ public enemy” is currently buzzing, how do you plan on maintaining the tempo?

VDRIVN: To maintien the tempo the plan is to be consistent with my releases so the goal is to release a song every month. With that being said, watch out for a release this month

VALVABOX: Tells us more about your last project and What inspired it?

VDRIVN: My last project Public Enemy was actually recorded in February and it was majorly inspired by events i witnessed In my environment around the time. I noticed that with people they would rather assume things about you than ask you, and if that assumption leads to a misconception they’re happy to go with it and condemn you on that basis. A lot would also smile in your face or in private but act different behind your back and so categorising them I’d say they treat you like a private friend but a public enemy. Not everyone you meet has your best interest and this observation was what led to the creation of my latest release Public Enemy

VALVABOX: Are you under any management currently, if you are not which management do you wish to work with years to come?

VDRIVN: No I’m currently not under any management so I manage myself. But in years to come it would be a pleasure to work with and be managed by Sony Records and Interscope Records too


VALVABOX: Who are your industry icons and artistes you wanna work with now or later?

VDRIVN: There’s a few people I look up to in the industry actually, one of them is 50 cent, particularly cus of how driven he is. Don Jazzy is also another person I look up to, because he has dedicated so much of himself to putting other people on and seeing them win.

As far as artistes I want to work with now or later, Ladipoe is really high up that list for me. I feel he’s one of the best rappers in Africa and I have a lot of respect for his craft. Nasty C is also someone else i want to work with in future and also Alicia Keys

VALVABOX: Are you working on anything recently?


VALVABOX: If you are In few text describe to us your upcoming single/Project?

VDRIVN: I’m currently working on an EP and I’m working on some singles which I plan on releasing this summer


VALVABOX: Any celebrity crush?

VDRIVN: haha yeah I’ve got a celebrity crush, on Justine Skye, I find her quite attractive

VALVABOX: Relationship Status?

VDRIVN: I’m currently single

VALVABOX: If you had the powers, what would you change about the Nigeria music space?

VDRIVN: that’s a good question. One thing I’d change or improve on is the numbers of mediums available to upcoming artistes in Nigeria’s music space. I feel not enough is done for artistes that are up and coming to showcase what they bring to the music scene and so I’d be looking to make more of such opportunities available



VALVABOX: What are your longterm plans and how would you impact the industry?

VDRIVN: In the longterm my goal is to put Nigeria on the map internationally when it comes to the rap scene. My goal is to be not just the best rapper from Nigeria but the best rapper in Africa and I believe the impact that will have on the industry is that it will gain more international recognition

VALVABOX: What your biggest fans encounter?

VDRIVN: I’d say my biggest fan encounter has to be someone I met knowing all the lyrics to one of my songs when it was played at a party. That really stood out to me

VALVABOX: Where do you see yourself 2 to 4 years to come?

VDRIVN: In 2 to 4 years I see myself performing at some major festivals and also having headlined my first concert. I also see myself signed to a major recording label and potentially being nominated/winning a music award

VALVABOX: Whats your advice to the upcoming looking up to you?

VDRIVN: The best advice I can give is that you should be your own biggest fan. You’ve got to have absolute belief in your craft/what you have chosen to do, and trust that the result you aim to achieve will come when its your time

What your comments and reviews on Nigerian music portal (

VDRIVN: It is a very reliable platform for music and I would recommend Valvabox to anyone looking to stay up to date with current trends in the entertainment industry. I also like the fact that they have a social media presence on platforms like Instagram and SoundCloud which is easily accessible and convenient to stream music and stay in touch with

VALVABOX: It’s nice having you bro!!!

VDRIVN: It has been a pleasure 🙏🏾

It’s nice having you here, on behalf of the team I want to thank you for this opportunity! 

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