NEWSN44bn Naira allegations: Another lie from enemies of progress to distract Gov Alia – Benue govt

N44bn Naira allegations: Another lie from enemies of progress to distract Gov Alia – Benue govtPublished on March 4, 2024By Chris Johnson

The Benue state Government has reacted to the allegations by a group accusing the government of mismanaging 44 Billion naira.

Tersoo Kula, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Hyacinth Alia, has dismissed the claims as falsehoods aimed at distracting the governor from his developmental agenda for Benue State.

Kula’s statement comes after reports emerged from a meeting of APC stakeholders in Benue State, where Governor Alia was reportedly berated for allegedly mismanaging 44 billion naira given to the state.

Kula described the meeting as falling short of the requirements for a party meeting of such magnitude and criticized the stakeholders for their alleged role in spreading false information.

He pointed out that the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, had already apologized for similar allegations regarding the disbursement of funds to state governors.

Kula stated that Governor Alia has always been transparent about funds received by his administration, citing the prompt announcement and detailed expenditure account following the receipt of palliative funds.

Kula also criticized the stakeholders for their alleged history of prioritizing party politics over governance, accusing them of seeking to frustrate sitting governors in order to pave the way for new aspirants.

“It is worrisome that this group of stakeholders have stood in the way of Benue progress for a long time, preferring party politics to governance such that once elections are over, they would distract the winners until they are frustrated to leave the party and pave way for them to start feasting on new aspirants.

“To them, you are good only when you are contesting elections.

“It was this same group that saw Gov. Alia as the only messiah to give them victory in the 2023 with the majority of them clinging on to the Alia effect and popularity to win their elections,” the statement reads.

Despite these distractions, Kula assured the public that the Alia administration remains committed to fulfilling its mandate and delivering on its promises to the people of Benue State.

“Despite these series of distractions and unfounded allegations, the Alia administration has a pact, first with the Benue masses who happily voted him to power and the administration is doing its best to fulfill the yearnings of the people who are daily, passing a vote of confidence in the governor and his government.

“Past governors who served the interest of stakeholders in Benue only left the state highly impoverished and starved of basic developments,” Kula stated further

He urged the public to disregard the allegations and support the governor’s efforts to develop the state.

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