Ubi Franklin Reportedly Dupes Davido And His Girlfriend Of Millions, Chioma Set To Sue

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Ubi Franklin Reportedly Dupes Davido And His Girlfriend Of
Millions, Chioma Set To Sue
Trending unconfirmed reports have it that Chioma Avril has a fall out with Ubi Franklin over a deal they had for her cooking

Davido ’s girlfriend, Chioma Roland, popularly known as Chef Chi, took to her Instagram page to alert the public of her desire to sue someone.

It is alleged that the young chef who turned 23 last year was
hinting on suing Ubi Franklin. The businessman, who is the owner of Made Men Music, Instant Group of Companies, and a host of other businesses, was allegedly paid to facilitate the cooking show sponsored by Dunes Abuja but has not done much.

The cooking show has been highly anticipated by many,
because publicity for it started since 2018. According to Chef
Chi and Davido ’s posts earlier this year, it was supposed to
start airing in February but nothing has been announced.
Ubi Franklin Reportedly Dupes Davido And His Girlfriend Of
Millions, Chioma Set To Sue

Rumour has it that all is set as Davido went all out and even purchased a restaurant for Chef Chi in Lagos, the former Escape Club in Victoria Island owned by Duke of Spades. It is alleged that Chef Chi is pissed because many fans have been asking about the show and she has nothing to show for it,
hence her threat to sue.

Ubi has been in the news weekly for one thing or the other,
recently Sandra Iheuwa his latest baby mama publicly accused
Ubi of defrauding her of 8 million Naira and after much threats
ended up paying only half of the money. Ubi neither accepted
or refuted these claims as he remained silent throughout.
It is alleged that Ubi Franklin is a serial scam artist and might
have used the money given to him by Davido to build his hotel
and Abuja. Also some claim he alledgedly sponsored his ex
wife Lilian Esoro’s trip to Dubai recently. It is rumoured that he
pays Lilian Esoro regularly for her silence on most of what she
suffered and endured during her marriage to him.

Well Ubi is yet to comment on any of the accusations. Chef
Chi is also yet to go further with her threat of suing her

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