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Uzodimma’s UNN Convocation Lecture blueprint for academic, governance reform – Eneukwu

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State has earned accolades for his profound display of academic prowess during the 52nd Convocation ceremony of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Chief Emma Eneukwu, the Deputy National Chairman South of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, showered praise on Governor Uzodimma in a press statement he personally issued and made available to DAILY POST on Sunday.

Delivering the convocation lecture at the Princess Alexandra Auditorium on Thursday, Governor Uzodimma captivated the diverse audience comprising individuals from various walks of life.

In his address, the Governor underscored the critical role of Nigerian universities in spearheading a new era of development and progress, urging universities to champion the cause of good governance and civic responsibility.

Chief Eneukwu hailed Governor Uzodimma’s speech as a wellspring of inspiration, urging Nigerian universities and researchers to acquire copies and archive them within their libraries.

He underscored the speech’s significance as a blueprint for catalyzing transformative change in academia and governance.

He also implored governors across the South East region to heed Governor Uzodimma’s clarion call to action, emphasizing the importance of disseminating copies of the speech to town union leaderships within their respective states.

Eneukwu expressed gratitude for Governor Uzodimma’s commitment to excellence and progress, highlighting the profound impact of his academic acumen on shaping the nation’s destiny, particularly in the South East region.

He asserted, however, that the legacy of Governor Uzodimma’s convocation lecture would continue to serve as a guiding light, inspiring stakeholders on their collective journey toward a brighter future.

Eneukwu said, “it is with great pleasure and pride that I stand before you today to commend the exemplary leadership and foresight demonstrated by Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State.

“His recent lecture at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka’s 52nd Convocation, serves as a beacon of inspiration for all Nigerians, particularly those within the academic and political spheres.

“Governor Uzodimma’s impassioned speech, delivered with eloquence and conviction, resonates deeply with the core values of progress, innovation, and ethical governance.

“His call for Nigerian universities to lead the charge for a new Nigeria is not only timely but imperative in our quest for national development and prosperity.

“In light of the profound impact of Governor Uzodimma’s address, I urge all Nigerian universities and researchers to obtain copies and preserve them within their libraries.

“This speech, with its blend of political acumen and intellectual insight, embodies a blueprint for transformative change. By studying and internalizing its principles, our academic institutions can chart a course towards excellence and societal relevance.

“Furthermore, I implore governors across the South East region to heed Governor Uzodimma’s call to action. His vision for a renaissance of leadership and innovation transcends political boundaries, offering a roadmap for progress that is both inclusive and visionary.

“Therefore, I call upon all governors to disseminate copies of Governor Uzodimma’s speech to town union leaderships within their respective states, empowering grassroots communities with the tools for positive change.

“Indeed, Governor Uzodimma’s speech represents a clarion call for unity, progress, and ethical governance. It is a testament to the transformative power of leadership and vision in shaping the destiny of nations and regions.

“Let us rally behind his noble cause, embracing his message of hope and renewal as we strive towards a brighter future for Nigeria and the South East.

“Let me express my sincere gratitude to Governor Hope Uzodimma for his unwavering commitment to excellence and progress.

“May his words continue to inspire and guide us on our collective journey towards a better tomorrow. All Progressives Congress in the Southern Part of Nigeria rejoices in your leadership and vision.”

Uzodimma’s UNN Convocation Lecture blueprint for academic, governance reform – Eneukwu

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