Ex-agitators advocate more funding for amnesty programme

Ex-agitators under the aegis of the Niger Delta Ex-Agitators Forum under the Presidential Amnesty Programme have called for a review of the budgetary allocation to the Office.

They stated that this would enable the Federal Government to cater to the needs of agitators and their families and prevent politicisation of the programme.

The National Publicity Secretary of the Forum, Inko Brighstar, in a statement made available to our correspondent in Abuja noted that over 75 per cent of oil wells and facilities were domiciled in the Niger Delta region, hence the need for the Federal Government to fulfill its obligations to avoid unrest.

“There is a need for the Federal Government to review its annual budget for the Presidential Amnesty Programme. The programme needs adequate funding to carry out expected projects. Seventy-five per cent of the oil wells and facilities are domiciled in the Ijaw region and there is a great need for the government to meet the demands of the people of the region,” he said.

Meanwhile, the national chairman of the forum, Elaye Slaboh who was also quoted in the statement cautioned against politicising the office of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

While expressing his concerns and displeasure over the incessant politically motivated agitations, Slaboh urged the persons behind such agitations to refrain forthwith as it poses a threat to the peaceful nature of the region.

According to Slaboh, “Let the attention of the Presidency, Senate and House of Representatives including all the governors in the South-South region, and prestigious institutions such as the Ijaw National Congress, Ijaw Youth Council, including political and traditional leaders and elder statesmen in the region be called to the politically motivated agitations.

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