Why I didn’t publicly acknowledge my daughter with Queen until now – Skit maker, Lord Lamba reveals (videos)

Nigerian skit maker, Lord Lamba, has issued a statement addressing the controversy surrounding his recent revelation about being the father of BBNaija star Queen’s daughter, a fact he had kept secret until now.

It will be recalled that Lord Lamba recently caused a huge stir after sharing photos and videos with his daughter shortly after Queen announced her engagement to a UK-based biomedical scientist. He also filed for custody of the child because he doesn’t want another man to assume his role as her father.

Skit maker, Lord Lamba reveals

However, he was brutally criticized for only revealing that he is the child’s father after Queen got engaged to another man. He was also condemned for remaining silent when Queen was criticized online for having a child out of wedlock but speaking up now that she is set to marry someone else.

In a seeming reaction to the backlash, Lamba took to his Instagram page on Monday afternoon, March 4, to disclose that he didn’t want his daughter’s face on social media.

Skit maker, Lord Lamba reveals

He also stated that he wanted her to grow old enough to decide if she wants to be on social media or not because she is not a prop or clickbait for social media engagements.

He further noted that he prefers spending time with his daughter in real life than making content for social media.

Sharing new videos with his daughter, Lord Lamba wrote,

“First of all God knows i sincerely don’t want my child’s face on social media because I don’t want her to get trolled and yes I have the right to do that I am her Father

I see comments of people saying I don’t want to be in my kid’s life,if I didnt want to claim my child publicly I wouldn’t have been at her birthday party, I wouldn’t have taken her out for play date ,but anyways my interest is my daughter and I will do anything to protect her , my self and her mom are public figures , but she is only a minor .I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE TO ALLOW MY CHILD GROW AND DECIDE IF SHE WANTS TO BE IN SOCIAL MEDIA OR NOT .. The fact I have seen children trolled and called names on social media probably because parents are public figures. Me spending time with my child in public ( real life ) makes more sence to me than social media . My child is not a click bait or my craft … I LOVE YOU KAILEH❤️”

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